Monsoon Flower and Gift Shop: Love at First Whiff (Dedicated Email)

As much as we’d like to keep you all to ourselves, we understand that you like to work with a variety of different admirers, designing the perfect tabletop arrangements for any occasion. Plus, you make it super simple and cost-effective by loaning out those charming containers and delivering arrangements directly to individual homes…read the article

The creativity that is exhibited by Monsoon Flowers on everything that they have done for me is magnificent. Every arrangement from the simple to the more intricately arranged continues to take my breath away. They are constantly surprising me with new ideas and incorporating unusual flowers and plants into their work. The staff is always so thoughtful and accommodating and their work is forever evolving and artistic.
M.R.- Englewood
Sadhna, I cannot express to you how pleased I was with the flowers…they exceeded all of my expectations and I am so thankful. Everyone was raving about them. We got to enjoy them all weekend and they still look fantastic. Looking forward to working together again soon.
Shani Kramer
If it’s a gift you need, this is your stop. They have the most interesting collection of things you would like for your home.  I needed a gift for a friend who just moved into a “farmhouse”.  I had no idea what to get her. I was going to head to the mall and see what I could find for her when I thought of checking out this store  which is right next to my nail place.  Well guess what – they had so many things to choose from – it was difficult to decide what to get.  I finally zeroed in on a 3 tier stand made of repurposed wood from Europe! It was such a unique piece, I was sure my friend was going to love it and she did!  They even wrapped it beautifully for me.  No need to hit the highway now when I’ve got this great place in the neighborhood.
Monsoon Flowers is a trophy experience.  The quality of the floral design is exceptional, at the very highest level of taste.  The design staff can work in any vocabulary you desire, ranging from the traditional lush English garden all the way to a sleek Manhattan sculptural effect.  If you have a passion for flowers and the uniquely beautiful, look no further.  They will make you — or a lucky recipient — very happy. The shop also has lovely gifts, edited with a sure hand, from the simply lovely to the more elaborate.  And, wonder of wonders, there is parking!!  Treat yourself and just go!!
Monsoon Flowers is the “place to go” whenever you need flowers. Each arrangement I have ordered has been exquisite, exceeding my expectations. I have been consistently pleased with the creative creations of Tessa and June and with the personalized service provided. I highly recommend Monsoon Florists!!!
I LOVE Monsoon! The selection of gifts is eclectic, diverse and well – priced. I can always find a gift to suit a certain occasion or personality. The creativity of the staff makes their flower creations so special. We worked together for my daughters shower and the centerpieces filled with ribbon candy went so well with the candy theme; I couldn’t have been happier. I would definitely recommend Monsoon to others. They are the best!
Robin M.
My sister Zoe ordered flowers from your store for her prom for her to put in her hair. She looked amazing and she had a great time! She also got many compliments about her creative choice to have flowers in her hair rather than as a corsage on her hand. Thank you for the amazing work and for making it all possible.
Every week my husband orders one, two or sometimes three bouquets from Monsoon to cheer me up and to celebrate our life together. The flowers arrive each week with a heartfelt note that sets the tone for the new week. I highly recommend that approach for any couple out there that wants to keep the romance going. One bouquet is usually a larger size bouquet for the center of the dining room table and one is for our bedroom- often, there is a third small bouquet for the living room. All three different all three exquisite.

Monsoon does such an incredible job that I can comfortably say I have never received the same or similar bouquet. Many florists repeat the design over and over — never at Monsoon unless it’s what you request. Monsoon scopes the flower market and brings the freshest and most original flowers in the market (often flowers you never heard of unless you are a horticulturist) and then the staff creates the most unusual and stunning bouquets. It is hard to believe that Monsoon is a local NJ florist since their work is comparable to the best florists in New York or perhaps surpasses them which is no easy feat! Some of the staff trained in Europe and at New York high profile florists. They are so good at arranging the flowers that each week I can’t stop the urge to document the arrangements and take photographs. One week the bouquet is reminiscent of a Dutch still life, one week a country classic, another week an elegant arrangement of the freshest roses. I have often given Monsoon a picture for inspiration and they always do an arrangement that uses the picture as a muse but puts their own more beautiful spin on the arrangement that they send. The last time my husband sent roses they lasted for two weeks because of the care Monsoon took in prepping the roses.

Monsoon stands by their product and only sends the freshest flowers-mostly purchased that morning at the flower market. Additionally, the customer service is incredible and very responsive. Whenever I throw a dinner party someone from Monsoon will come to my home ahead of time and discuss what type of table I plan to set and we plan the arrangements together. Again each time its fresh, gorgeous and different. Also, I usually prefer to have the arrangements done in my own vases so Monsoon accommodates me by picking up my vases (each weeks something different) and bringing back perfect arrangements. They are so customer oriented that sometimes they even perfect the arrangement in my home.

The flowers are gorgeous and the staff at Monsoon are so nice to work with — they are as thrilled as I am with the arrangements. I have posted the arrangements on Facebook many times and I have personally received accolades from many of my friends that are now customers of Monsoon.

So if you are looking to brighten your home or to send a gift of flowers Monsoon is the only florist that I would recommend in New Jersey not only because the flowers are stunning and different but the level of service cannot be matched. Once I did not like the arrangement (wrong colors) and they switched it out immediately with a smile! If I had to rate Monsoon they would get a 10 out of 10.

A very satisfied customer!

HKR - Englewood, NJ
I just wanted to say thank you so so so much for the BEAUTIFUL centerpieces you created for me. Everyone absolutely loved them, and they exceeded my wildest imagination. They were absolutely perfect. Anytime anyone comes into Enamor Me asking for a florist recommendation I will absolutely be sending them your way. Thank you thank you thank you so much again!!
Gunjan Ahluwalia
The flowers were beautiful! My mom loved them! Thank you!
L. F.
Monsoon — and the combined and experienced talent of designers Tressa and June — offer spectacular service and quality.  Their arrangements are show stopping.  Their willingness to please is unparalleled.   It is a great pleasure to work with them.
K. L.
What a find!  Thank you for offering to deliver my gift for me!  It was a great idea! Better than me carrying it in in my 4 – inch heels. By the time I got to the party, my friend was gushing, thrilled to have received a giant arrangement of her favorite peonies.  It was perfect!
Diane M.
Thank you, the flowers looked great and received many compliments. I told many people about your store. The party was wonderful.
D. G.